History and culture


From the beginning of the era draws off many people from outside Moraira. It was the Greeks, the Romans and later the Moors who were enchanted by the gentle climate and healing effects on life and limb. To the Christian victory over the Moors they enriched the area with their irrigation and fortifications. Remained many earthen terraces, which first fig and olive trees were cultivated and later the villas of wealthy foreigners rose. In the hinterland of olive trees have mostly been replaced by orange trees. Just the sight of the orange fruit in a sea of green is worth a tour. You can even pick them, though you do not take handfuls of them. The elegant university city of Murcia with tapas bars, the palm forest of Elche and the belfry of Guadelest: who the bustle of the beaches in summer and in winter the dreary seaside town in a wish to escape the rain, has plenty to choose from.

When those are the traces of Moorish domination disappeared. Opportunistic reasons were the Christians use the irrigation network and several strategic strongholds located. Think of the water channels in ECHE referred to the palm in the city of water. El Paleral has about 250,000 trees, which date palms in the majority. One of them, the Huerto del Cura (vegetable garden of the priest) is fenced but accessible. The highlight is a zevenstammige palm, named after the Austrian Empress Sissi, who in 1894 visited a Elche. Today the forest on the UNESCO.